FEAR LESS by Lou Hamilton

Every month we dip into Lou's book FEAR LESS to share some top tips with you for fearing less & being more

F- flip your view of the future right here in the present and the future will take care of itself. Set goals, dream big, let go of control, create a vision that excites you, one that keeps you curious and makes you look forward to the day.

E- engage enthusiastically and energetically with the present. Take little steps, manage your time, self-care, learn not to procrastinate, breathe and be powerfully present.

A- affirm all that is right in your world. Build self-confidence by finding evidence for the good things you've done, what others like about you, for what you like about yourself.

R- relief comes with reassurance. Relief from perfection. It’s a roller coaster but know that the highs will be brighter and the lows you will ride more easily. Know that everyone finds it hard!


L- learn from everything. As they say- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The successful believe that you Win or you Learn. Think about that before you face your fear.


E- embrace failure. Experiment. Play, get creative, take risks. Failure is the tool of the Billionaire Mindset; get comfortable with it.


S- seize every opportunity no matter how terrifying. Say Yes first and think later. Prepare, research then leap. The more you put yourself in front of opportunities the more Luck will come to you.


S- soul search for your core values. This is the foundation upon which you build everything. Your choices will become clearer, your decisions easier. It will give you meaning and purpose when you have identified what really matters to you.

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Wear Fearless 


Lou Hamilton