For you Brave New Girls n Guys out there

You can learn Courage

From the letters we get in response to our Brave New Girl t-shirts and books, we know that when you hit rock bottom you need something, anything, to give you the strength to take the next step. We are always inspired by your stories of resilience overriding trauma, of courage through challenge and triumph over adversity. We feel humbled when you tell us that a simple slogan on a tee gives you the strength to walk out the door today or that something in the Be Fearless and FEAR LESS books has given you a tool or two to help you carry on.

Please read the story of a woman who wrote to us this week. To protect her we have kept her and her whereabouts anonymous. Be inspired by her story. She is a Brave new Girl, but so are you. May the force of BNG be with you.

"I picked up your book “Brave New Girl” and it helped me exhale.  Thank you, and the Introduction is what made me cry.  I grew up in an oppressed east Indian life, out here in USA.  From my birth, I was told I am set to be arranged in a marriage.  I grew up very strict, and even though I was in the crazy U.S. I still obeyed my parents.  My father beat me, my brother and my mother.  Until I was old enough to defend myself, he stopped, but he continued with my mother.  I had PTSD from watching my dad beat my mother over and over.  

As time goes by, the pressure of getting an arranged marriage was present.  I just wanted to get my education and be smart, but I feared the future.  A sad side note in the middle of all this, my mother went to India to get an operation that we could not afford in the U.S., and contracted HIV.  I was devastated and thought life couldn’t get worse.  My father continued to emotionally abuse me to the point where I have low confidence in so many areas of my life.  Long story short, I secretly ran away and married my American boyfriend.  My mother passed after years of me taking care of her.  

Recently, after 18 years, my husband just up and left me for someone else.  I lost 45 pounds and became suicidal.  At this point, I have no family, no support and I moved states for his job so the only thing I had was my job here.  I never had been alone, I felt lost.  I started going to support groups and counselling.  I am working on myself, every day is a struggle but I am a survivor so I am fighting every day.  I face struggles everyday because of the things I have witnessed in my past.  So I wanted to say thank you for your book.  When I read, it puts ease to my mind.  Your introduction made me feel like…… like I wish someone felt that way about me.  I wish I felt safe.  I have been abandoned so many times, I forgot how to trust.  Thank you for writing such an inspirational book.  I cannot get a t-shirt right now, but I will get that also in the future.  Thank you and I wish we had more people like you in this world."

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