Discovering the Brave New You

When Lou got to 50 the world became her oyster.

Standing at the school gates, your career a faded sepia memory, you stare forlornly at the square of concrete which will burst to life any moment, as children catapult in liquid form, streaming from every classroom towards waiting parents. But in those few moments before the world becomes colourful and noisy, you are held in formaldehyde, feeling invisible, undervalued and useless.

 Until the children-years, your life was vibrant, and full. You were somebody in the work force, you had meaning and purpose that came from your standing among colleagues. Your input was financially rewarded and your time counted as part of the bigger picture. But with kids hanging from your jean-seams any part-time options barely scrape a minimum wage and don’t cater for kids’ sudden sickness or getting a call from school saying your child’s head has clashed with concrete during playtime.

 So you do what you can when you can but the work doesn’t use your intelligence or carefully honed skills built over a decade of degrees, masters and career building. No, you feel like you are on the scrap heap and you stand on the side-lines as your work-mates climb higher up the ladder and their bank balances bulge with the reward of promotion and recognition. 

In the eyes of the world you have slipped from view and are seen as ‘just a mum’

 You love your kids, you love being a mum, your kids love you and fill your days with laughter and mess and chaos and cuddles. But in the eyes of the world you have slipped from view and seen as ‘just a mum’…

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