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Lou Hamilton has been a coach for 15 years & has dedicated her life to helping people FEAR LESS and be more.

Writer & illustrator of Brave New New Girl- How to be Fearless, and the self-help book Fear Less, Lou spends her time living quietly with her family and puppy (not so quiet), painting, writing, making films, cycling and seeing friends. She does a bit of yoga, swims outside, attempts running, reads a lot, and designs for Brave New You Apparel, the company she co-founded with Meredith. Her dream is to grow Brave New You Tribe into a band of like-minded souls who step past their fears & change the world.

Brave New You’s are made, not born. You don’t come into this world knowing how to live; how to be happy, fulfilled, purposeful, peaceful. They should teach it at school but they don’t. So at some point, usually when you’ve had enough of feeling below par, you decide, if you’re sensible, to do something about it.

Be infinite.jpeg

Be Infinite

That’s where Lou steps in. She’s a trained coach, taught for three years at an accredited coaching academy and for the last 15 years has had clients who have successfully transformed their lives.

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Learn to love lemons

But there’s a caveat. She doesn’t take just anyone. She works with people who are dead serious about turning their lives around, prepared to trust the tried & tested method, and to work really hard to get to where they want to be.

Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth.jpeg

Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth

It ain’t cheap. It ain’t easy. But it does work. You are going to get a Masterclass in living well, one hour a week for six weeks. It is exclusive, there are only a few places available, but if you can convince her you are ready & willing, then she’ll take you on.

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When it’s dark, turn on the light

To apply for a place in 2019 answer these three questions:

  1. What issues are you concerned about right now?

  2. What are you willing to do to transform your life?

  3. What do you consider to be the key challenges in stopping you moving forward?

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