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Slack Community is a way to communicate with & learn from like-minded individuals. Our Brave New You Community within Slack, focuses on Coaching and how we can help you live and work more effectively.

How to become Fearless

Are you stressed, unhappy, stuck, in pain, overworked, underpaid, lonely, lost, looking for a purpose in life? Feeling fear but not being able to push past it? Lou Hamilton uses a creative approach in her coaching practice to help you unearth WHY you are stuck, WHAT you want your life to look & feel like and HOW you make that happen. Time & again Lou has helped clients transform their lives & she's here to do that for you too.

BRAVE NEW YOU- how it works

Coaching is a tried and tested process; a creative, transformational and rewarding experience that helps you move forward. By joining our Slack Community you can access coaching tips, inspirations, daily thoughts, confidence building, as well as asking questions and sharing stories.


  1. #brave_new_girl - Daily inspirational drawing for girls & women

  2. #brave_stories - Examples of triumph through adversity

  3. #daily_thoughts - Uplifting thoughts to get you through your day

  4. #fear_less - Helping you with your anxiety, fears & low mood with confidence building exercises

  5. #get_lucky - Tips on how to create your own luck

  6. #love_work - How to create a work-life you can love

One-to-one Coaching:

To talk to me directly DM me @LouHamilton within the Slack Community


Join our slack community for daily coaching!